Every Bride-To-Be MUST Learn This Secret Before Selecting Their Next Wedding Vendor

Yesterday I witnessed a bride-to-be in a well-known department store in the shoe section. Allow me to explain the design of this particular store as it plays a major role in this story. “Nordy” (winking) divides the shoe department in three classes/sections. There is one section that carries Nordy generic brands and their price point is much lower than the other two sections and sometimes the quality isn’t superior. The middle section typically carries a higher price point and the designers are a little more popular and a higher quality shoe.

Then there is the designer section that caters to the woman who expects top designers and styles that are exclusive to any other shoe store. The typical clientele of this section of the store are women who purchase shoes that most women dream of. Price is never a factor because it is about the superior service by the salespeople in this section; quality of the shoe, and the most important factor is way it makes a woman FEEL when she wears the shoe.

The bride and I were both in the middle section through tons of gorgeous heels and admiring the latest styles from the latest designers. She was with, I presume, her maid of honor or best friend as they were deciding on which shoes would be best for the bride to wear on her wedding day. I overheard the bride to be saying that the shoes had sparkle or bling as most women fondly call it. They laughed and giggled at a few private jokes as they picked out a few potential shoes to try on. She was looking to make a statement with her shoes. She was looking for shoes that had bling and made her FEEL like a princess. Based on the exhausted expression the salesperson was wearing none of the 12 pairs of shoes she tried on quite gave her the emotion she was looking for.

After a while I noticed that the bride and her BFF had made their way over to the designer shoe section, I saw the bride’s face was flushed with emotion and I could tell she was fighting back the tears. She found the PERFECT shoe. I gather that it was the ONE that she had envisioned for her wedding day. These shoes made her FEEL like Cinderella. As she made her purchase, I blushed at the two elated girls. I was sitting in the seat trying on my 20th (probably 30th) shoe, thinking to myself, it’s never about price.

We, as consumers, buy what makes us feel good.We all know that spending an extra few dollars on the designer shoe, the designer handbag, or even the designer watch will give us confidence that we are buying something that’s quality of met with high standards. We all know that both a Timex watch and a Cartier watch both tell time. But when it comes to quality, dependability, and overall look and feel of the product, the Cartier is the obvious choice.

So ladies, as you begin the journey of looking for quality wedding dresses, or florists, photographers or event planners. Your first question should never be “how much?” Take a look at the service they provide brides, look at the quality of their product, and pay attention to how that vendor makes you FEEL. These aspects should be the most significant factors to consider when interviewing potential vendors.

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