The PERFECT wedding gift to your mate….

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Have you been thinking of a gift to give  your mate for your wedding? Have you kicked the idea around about taking boudoir photos but have been a little apprehensive if it is the right choice for you?

Boudoir photography does not have to be raunchy or tasteless or anything you may have seen or imagined in magazines. Boudoir, if done correctly, entices the imagination with hints of sexiness. Boudoir is a celebration of womanhood no matter if you are a size zero or a size thirty-six; all women are beautiful. This type of photography allows you to show off those curves in a classy way.

Taking sexy and classy photos for your fiancé is one of the most perfect gifts to give your fiancé just before the two of you get married. Your flirty photos are guaranteed to have him smiling ear to ear. I would suggest you having the photos taken about a month or so before the wedding. You probably are pretty close to your goal weight for your wedding dress, so you are probably looking and feeling pretty close to magnificent at this point. So take that confidence with you, and allow it to unleash in front of the camera!



How to choose your photographer?

  1. Meet with the photographer. Meet for a consultation check to see if your personalities will work well together. Do they make you feel at ease? Remember, your photographer will be getting up close and personal with you, so it’s important you feel comfortable.
  2. Check their website. Do you like their work? See if they have photographed women who look like you. If you are a curvy woman, make sure the photographer can show you that they know how to position your body to show off those beautiful curves.

What should you wear?

  1. Less is more. I highly recommend purchasing a new pair of panties, but make sure they aren’t too tight. It doesn’t translate nicely on the camera. Wearing your fiancé’s shirt is a classic sexy outfit.
  2. Pearls and stilettos. Pearls are timeless and always look beautiful draped around you. What man doesn’t like to see a woman in a pair of stilettos and thigh highs? Enough said.

How to prepare?

  1. Drink plenty of water and reduce sodium intake. Make sure your body is well hydrated before your photo shoot. You should also bring some almond oil to make your body look fresh and supple in your photos.
  2. Bring a bottle of your favorite champagne or wine. You’ll most likely have your hair and makeup done at the shoot so soak up all the pampering. Having a glass of wine will help you relax and enjoy feeling like a movie star for the day.

Taking boudoir photos are a liberating experience. Seeing pictures of you that are beautiful and intimate will be something that both you and your future husband will enjoy. Wouldn’t it be a nice surprise for him to receive just before the wedding wrapped in a nice box with a huge bow?!

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