Tips For Having an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Tip #1

If you don’t plan on saving your dress to donate to a loved one, or donating to an organization for brides with breast cancer. Consider having parts of your dress transformed into a baby blanket, with matching bed dressing and/or burp cloth for your first born child. It’s a wonderful keepsake that will be treasured for many years to come. I recommend checking out The Patchwork Bear, they make beautiful baby blankets and other keepsakes from your wedding dress as well as many other items.

Tip #2

Consider getting fresh flowers that are organic and grown locally and purchase from a farmers market. It will cut down on the gas expense from having them imported from somewhere and then delivered to your venue. And of course you must re-use the same flowers that decorated your ceremony to use as centerpieces at the wedding reception. Also, consider donating your flowers to a local children’s hospital or retirement home.

Tip #3

Instead of giving candied mints or almonds or M&M’s, consider giving the gift of trees. It’s an eco-responsible way that will benefit generations to come.

Tip #4

Get invitations that are printed with soy ink and made on 100% cotton paper.

Tip #5

Make arrangements with your caterer to donate excess food to a local food bank or homeless shelter. Make arrangements with the food bank and/or shelter prior to the wedding and have someone at the wedding appointed as the logistical coordinator for this donation to ensure this goes smoothly.

Tip #6

Instead of mailing “save the date” note cards, consider sending an evite or YouTube video describing your announcement. I’m not suggesting replacing the invitations, but you can do this for the save the dates!

Tip #7

Consider having your wedding dress made out of organic silk. You can have your dress made with simple elegance of organic wild silk. There are many vendors available to bring to life your dream angelic like wedding dress just ask around or you can look on Etsy’s website to find vendors who handmake everything.

Tip #8

If you have a fall theme or getting married in a beautiful woodsy location, have the adorable ring bearer walk down the aisle with a 4 inch thick slab of wood. You can easily get just a piece of the wood cut horizontally. Decorate it with one of the flowers from your wedding and tie with a ribbon! So unique and extremely eco-friendly conscious!!

Tip #9

More and more brides are choosing to use succulents for their bridal bouquet and for their grooms boutonnieres. They are lovely and can be mixed with flowers or tree branches in so many creative ways.

Tip #10

You can also research bakeries that specialize in tasty wedding cakes that are made from organic ingredients. There are also many websites where you can order organic wine. These are earth friendly ways to sweeten up the spirits of your guests on your special wedding day!

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Article Source: Ezine Articles

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