Top 10 Worst Wedding Favors









Have you received a wedding favor and thought to yourself ‘how useless’ and immediately threw it away? Or better yet, looked at it as though it’s the strangest gift you’ve ever received? I heard a bride jokingly describe getting cow tags as a favor? I’m not sure if she was joking or serious but I personally found it difficult to believe. However, these favors were voted on by brides and found to be the top 10 wedding WORST favors received.


1. Jordan Almonds wrapped in tulle.

2. Votive Candles with the bride and groom’s engraved initials.

3. Mini clock with bride and groom photo.

4. Dice with the bride and groom’s wedding date.

5. Bubbles.

6. Sand from the beach in a tiny bottle.

7. Personalized stationary with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date.

8. Deck of cards with bride and groom’s e-session photos.

9. Soap flakes in the shape of fall leaves.

10. Plastic champagne glasses.


Let’s be honest. What are your guests going to do with an item that has you and your fiancé’s engagement picture on it with the wedding date? No matter how cute you think those types of wedding favors are, brides are evaluating each other and giving some of these favors a “thumbs down.”


Tradition tells us, that giving a wedding favor to the guests is a symbol of showing the bride and grooms appreciation for coming to celebrate your wedding. However, some brides are saying, ‘isn’t the dinner, free booze and music enough of a thank you?’ ‘Is a wedding favor really THAT important?’


Think about it, if you, as a guest, attended a wedding and didn’t receive a wedding favor, would you walk away from the wedding reception thinking to yourself, “how cheap, they didn’t even give me a gift?” I think not. Most likely you will be thinking about how beautiful the bride was and how much fun you had on the dance floor. The last things your guests are thinking about are the wedding favors. And if they don’t like the favor you decide to give them, it is immediately tossed in the trash, thrown in a junk drawer or donated to Goodwill.


So while you are knee-deep in your wedding planning and you happen to remember the wedding favors as an afterthought, maybe you should reconsider if wedding favors are truly important to you and your fiancé. I mean if they are truly an afterthought, they couldn’t be THAT important right? So don’t waste your money on last minute or tacky favors that no one wants If you are going to give them something, give them something they really want and/or can actually use!

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