Want To Look Thinner In Your Wedding Photos? Try These 5 Simple Tricks!




Sometimes the little things can make a big difference in your photos on your wedding day. If you want to look thinner in your wedding photos, try these simple tricks that will help you look fantastic in seconds.


I’ve compiled short list of tricks that are simple and easy to follow to give the appearance of looking thinner instantly in your wedding photos. Try doing these in small movements so that you don’t look stiff or unnatural. Most importantly take a deep breath and relax and have fun!


Step 1: Have Good Posture. It’s normal for us to slouch when we are sitting or standing, but if you remember to have good posture, the results will be more flattering in your photos.


Step 2: Chin Forward and Shoulders Back. I’ve heard of this being called a turtle type of move. Using micro movements slightly move your chin forward not down, to reduce the appearance of a double chin. Sometimes I even tell my clients to have their tongues stick to the roof of their mouth! This little tiny movement helps too. Roll your shoulders back, which elongates your neck to give you a longer and leaner appearance.


Step 3: Hold Your Arms Slightly Away From Your Body. If you keep your arms slightly away from your body, it keeps them from lying against your body. Try even putting one of your arms positioned slightly behind you. These slight movements give the arms a toner and thinner appeal.


Step 4: Turn Partially Sideways Towards the Camera. Turn partially sideways towards the camera gives the body a thinner appearance. In the same movement; if shift your weight on the back leg, it will instantly cause the front leg to look thinner.


Step 5: Have the Pictures Taken From Above. If you have your photographer take some of the photos from a slightly higher position from you, it will give you a more elongated look.


Curves are absolutely beautiful! Don’t fret over not having the shape of a stick figure. The more you stress out over the photos, the more that stress will translate in your photos. So take a deep breath, relax, and smile. If you remember one or none of these tricks for looking thinner in your photographs, trust in yourself that you are absolutely stunning and that confidence will show more beautifully than all these tricks combined!


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