Wedding Favors With a WOW Factor

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Ditch the Jordan Almonds and the dainty mints and do something that will really have your guests begging for MORE at the end of the night. After the dinner has been served and people are ready for dessert, how fabulous would it be if they were presented with freshly baked mini cookies served on top of a shot glass of milk! I can promise you, Santa is not the only one who loves milk and cookies.


Who doesn’t love ice cream? How about an ice cream bar? You can check with you local vendors who have mobile stations that they can set up for you and your guests to enjoy ice cream or frozen yogurt made according to their taste buds. Giving guest the opportunity to indulge in their favorite toppings will have guest leaving your wedding with a smile on their faces for sure.

A recent wedding I photographed was for a bride whom was artistically inclined. She made all sorts of items for the wedding however her choice for wedding favors were handmade jars of preserves. These wedding favors were a huge hit among her guests. I was one of the lucky recipients of her preserves and let me tell you, after the first sampling of this incredible preserve, I was virtually knocking down her door asking if she sold it online because I wanted to gift them to my own friends and family!

Alternately for brides who are thinking of having a wedding in late June or early July, how about a wedding favor with a little sparkle!? At each table were long narrow boxes tied in a beautiful ribbon. Not a single guest could resist the urge to open the box to see what was inside. Once opened, the guests found a set of sparklers with a note attached from the bride and groom thanking them for attending the wedding. Talk about a “wow factor” this wedding favor idea was a huge hit at the wedding.

Last but certainly not least, for the earth friendly bride whose idea of celebrating her wedding while still being eco responsible, the wedding favor of a tree never ceases to impress and wow guests. What better idea of giving a gift that keeps giving? Each guest enjoyed the cute baby tree they received wrapped in burlap and string to take home and plant the next day.

So if you are looking for ideas on wedding favors with a wow factor, try some of the suggestions above. Or if you have another idea that would be a great wedding favor please comment. I’d love to hear your ideas!

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