Wedding Unplugged

Are you considering NOT having your wedding posted on the various social media streams? Then this article was written just for you!

Social media sites have been more popular than ever. People are keeping each other “connected” through status updates, pictures and video streams constantly. Many of us, me included, find ourselves scrolling through posts to help distract us while standing in long lines waiting for what seems like forever. Sometimes the posts make us laugh out loud, and sometimes the posts are shocking and go viral immediately. But one thing is for sure, with social media keeping us “plugged in” not many things are kept in private any more.

But what if, you are a bride who is incredibly private? What if you don’t want your wedding vows or ceremony posted on the various social media sites for the whole world to see? If you are one of the types of brides that just wants your wedding to be intimate with only close family and friends and desires to have your wedding “unplugged,” then you should let everyone know.

You don’t want to appear like you are a control freak or overvaluing how much people on Facebook actually care. So let’s discuss a way that you can tactfully share this information with your wedding guests so that your queen of social media, cousin Sara, doesn’t take pictures with her camera phone and immediately post your photos on Facebook or Twitter.

Try these simple tips:

• Have your officiant request that they please refrain from uploading photos of the ceremony at the request of the bride and groom.

• Include a note inside of the invitations asking guest to please hold off on posting pics of the ceremony until your professional photographer has had the opportunity to post sneak peeks from the wedding.

VistaPrint often offers free business cards, you could use a picture of you and your fiancé holding a cute sign that reads: “Like” what you’re seeing now – – share it later (Please, no photo sharing on social media).

• Set up a WedPics Album for your guests to upload their pictures with each other to a site that you’ve created.

Just remember, if your pictures do happen to make it on Facebook or some other social media site, don’t get too bent out of shape about it. You may be making a bigger deal out of it than necessary. Have a little patience and smile, sometimes people are just as excited as you are to celebrate your big day and can’t help themselves and want to share your joy with the world.

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