What Is The Average Cost of a Wedding?



Congratulations on your engagement!  While you are tempted to start looking for wedding dresses immediately, I think the best place to begin is with a strong foundation to understanding the costs associated with a wedding.  Next, you should discuss with your fiance how much you plan to spend on your wedding. Also, it’s a good time to find out if both families will be able to contribute to the costs associated with the wedding. Having help from family will certainly ease the burden on the both of you financially.

I found this link that will be helpful in understanding the costs associated with weddings in general.  Just enter your zipcode up at the top to find out the average cost in your area. 

**Click here to look up the average cost of a wedding**

Whether you get help financially from family and friends or you are doing it on your own, it is important that above all else you and your fiance create a budget and stick to it. Unless of course, you have a super rich uncle or dad that simply can’t say no!!  ;o)

Best wishes!

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