What’s The Point Of A Photo Booth?


Personally, when I see a photo booth at a wedding, I jump at the chance to have my photos taken. And if my daughter and I see one when we are out and about, we race to see who can get to it faster! Let’s face it…photo booths scream FUN. However, if you are not completely sold on the idea of renting a photo booth then there are some things you should consider:



1. It doesn’t matter if your guests go one time or a dozen times to get their photos taken; your guests are guaranteed tons of fun.

2. Some photo booths offer instant uploads to Facebook and Instagram which makes it even more fun for everyone to share.

3. Some companies will print extra strips of the photos for all the guests to take home, and/or for a scrapbook for the bride and groom.

4. A great way to keep guest entertained while you and your family are taking formal photos.

5. Have the photo booth AS your wedding favors. It is a great way to save money.



Make sure you juggle the time of your booth rental correctly. If you are having a smaller wedding, you don’t want the dance floor to become empty because everyone is swooning to get their photos taken. So consider having it available during the cocktail hour OR start the dance floor partying AFTER the booth rental is done.

All in all, there are some mixed opinions about whether it is a good idea to have one or not. If budget is a concern, you should try the following:


1. Go to a bridal show and book on the spot. Many vendors offer a discount during the bridal show. So do your homework, find out which vendors will be at the event and be prepared to make a deposit. The potential savings could be huge.

2. Sign up for Groupon or Living Social or other internet deals. Frequently these deals are offered at a hugely discounted price if you catch them!

3. Ask your photographer if they offer these services if you bundle their services with a photo booth or portrait studio.


Can you imagine your grandparents going into a photo booth wearing silly props and making crazy faces and you actually get a copy of those photos in a scrapbook?! That idea alone is absolutely priceless…..

Hands down, photo booths are fun and fast becoming a staple at weddings. So look for deals, ask around because photo booths are a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. So dress up in the wildest miss-matched props, step in the booth, and say cheese!


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