Will You Take Your Fiance’s Last Name?








Has the thought ever crossed your mind if you would take your fiancé’s last name? Was it even a consideration? Was it a non-issue? Is it even a really big deal? For some this has become a source of contention, for other it is a no brainer. However, there are some discussion points you may want to consider:


• Take your darling future husband’s last name.

• Go by all three names. (Your first name, your last name as your new middle name, his last name. ie. Nicole Smith Walters.) Additionally, it will work on Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

• Hyphenate. (Your last name-his last name. ie Jada Marie Pinkett-Smith)


• It’s very traditional and symbolic to take your fiancé’s name.

• If you have a common name and your fiancé’s name is unique or different, this is a great way to “spice” things up a bit.

• If your fiancé’s name is easier to pronounce than yours, then that alone is an awesome benefit.


• If you decide to have children, they won’t have the same last name as you. This can become confusing for everyone involved because everyone will not have the same name.

• Your fiancé could become hurt that you don’t want to become “one” by taking his last name.

• If you are an only child in your biological family, taking your fiancé’s last name will end your family legacy.


Discuss this topic with your fiancé. Discuss how important or unimportant this topic is with him.

Assess how you feel. Is this really important or a big deal to you? Are your feelings in alignment with his?

Discuss this with your family. If you are still unsure about your decision perhaps asking your parents how they made their decision may help you.

Ask other brides. If none of the above is helpful, perhaps turning to other brides who have faced this exact same topic may be able to offer some great insight.

No matter what you decide, the single most important thing is communication. Communication is imperative to any successful relationship. No matter how important or insignificant the issue, having a discussion with your mate is laying a strong foundation to a successful marriage. It doesn’t matter which way you decide. You have to answer to NO ONE about your decision as long as you and your future husband have discussed this and made a decision together. Best of luck to you the future Mrs….. ?!


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